LifeSavers — VSHL’s Monthly Giving Club

Please Join LifeSavers Today!

Here is the simple truth, recurring gifts to VSHL saves lives and money!

Recurring gifts from our monthly donor club, Virginia LifeSavers, is a vital aspect of our organization. LifeSavers members provide predictable income and security.  This allows VSHL to spend more resources advertising, lobbying, training and equipping grassroots activists,  and educating the public about pro-life issues.

Every gift we receive is wonderful, but the dedicated support of our LifeSavers members are the backbone of our work.  They fuel our ability to change hearts and minds, and helps us provide life-saving resources we need to operate every month. A monthly gift of just $10 (or more!) really can change the lives of countless women, children, and the elderly throughout our Commonwealth!

Contact Maggie at the VSHL office for more information about joining Virginia LifeSavers by emailing or by calling (804) 560-8745.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my money go?
Your donations go to fund a variety of our pro-life activities including lobbying, pro-life voter mobilization, pro-life advertising campaigns, our educational efforts including our youth programs.

Can I cancel?
Yes,  you can cancel anytime by contacting Maggie Disney at the VSHL Office.  Her email is or phone number is (804) 560-8745.

Can I change my donation?
Yes, at any time.  You can contact Maggie Disney at the VSHL Office to make any changes to your monthly gift.  Her email is or phone number is (804) 560-8745.  If you signed up online for monthly giving, you can also log into your Anedot account and make any changes there.

Will I need to renew my Membership?
No, your monthly gifts will cover your annual membership dues.

Are my gifts tax-deductible?
There are two ways to join VSHL’s LifeSavers.  If you sign-up to donate monthly to VSHL, our lobbying arm, your donations are not tax-deductible because we are lobbying for life-saving legislation and opposing pro-abortion legislation.

If you sign-up to donate monthly to the VSHL Educational Fund, your donations are tax-deductible,  They will be used for our educational efforts including Camp Joshua, our pro-life teen camp, the Geline and Alex Williams Oratory Contest, the Helen Donovan Memorial Essay Contest and our other pro-life educational efforts.  Join LifeSavers to benefit our educational efforts here.

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