Abortion Information

Life in the Womb

Stages of Fetal Development All of us spent the first nine months of our existence surrounded by the water of the womb. Explore the first stages of human development below.  Month 1: Human development starts when a sperm fuses with an egg to create a zygote. A zygote is a new single-cell human life that ...

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Stem Cell Research

Human beings, no matter how small weak, or dependent, possess inherent dignity and intrinsic worth by virtue of their humanity. Thus the intentional harm or destruction of a human being for the supposed benefit of another human being is wrong. This bedrock principle of traditional medical ethics was infamously violated throughout the 20th century.  Witness the gruesome "research" conducted ...

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Abortion Policy


The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), if ratified, would amend the United States Constitution.  The ERA would be used by pro-abortion, activist judges to do the following in ALL 50 states: Mandate Taxpayer Funding for AbortionAllow abortions through all nine months of pregnancyEliminate the Ban on Partial-Birth AbortionEliminate the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection ActEliminate the Unborn Child ...

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Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act protects babies who are capable of feeling pain.  Currently, scientific evidence points to about 20 weeks that babies are able to feel pain.  This legislation has been upheld by the courts. As science advances, we can use this legislation to protect even more babies. Additionally, by showing how babies can feel ...

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Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

Virginia passed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban in 1998.  However, pro-abortion activists are trying various ways to nullify this law which bans a particularly disturbing method of abortion.  Please see below for more details. These color illustrations of a partial-birth abortion are based on an instructional paper by an Ohio abortionist explaining step by step how he ...

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Gov. Northam and Delegate Tran Support Abortion until Birth and Beyond

Watch as Governor Northam endorses infanticide. Here is the video of Delegate Tran supporting her bill that would have eliminated restriction on abortion until birth. Action Item:  Sign the VSHL Petition against Infanticide

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Physician explaining symptoms to patients during consultation

Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Thankfully Doctor-Assisted Suicide is currently illegal in Virginia. However, pro-death forces keep trying to find new ways to weaken and/or overturn the Virginia Law against Assisted Suicide. Thankfully our legislative team has been able to defeat all of these attempts so far. Information on Doctor-Assisted Suicide from the NRLC website and why we oppose ...

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Will to Live

What is the WILL TO LIVE? The WILL TO LIVE is a legal document that you can sign which: Is a legally binding pro-life alternative to the traditional Living Wills Names someone to make health care decisions for you (your "heath care agent') if you develop a condition that makes it impossible for you to speak for yourself (become "incompetent"), and Makes clear (in the ...

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Man in hospital bed


Euthanasia is the purposeful killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his/her alleged benefit.  Euthanasia has been advocated for certain classes of human beings, including the handicapped young, the mentally impaired, the terminally ill, and the comatose. The inevitable result of this trend will be to escalate from killing for the alleged benefit ...

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