Governor Youngkin’s Vetoes Bills that Allowed Abortionists to Evade Valid Interstate Laws

Virginia Society for Human Life applauds Pro-life Governor Youngkin for vetoing two bills that allowed abortionists and other abortion business providers to evade valid laws in other states. The effect of these bills would have been to place Virginia in a position of ignoring the right of other states to hold reckless abortionists accountable for ...

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Supreme Court case regarding the Mifepristone abortion drug will affect Virginia in powerful ways.

Virginia Society for Human Life is going to be watching the outcome of the oral arguments at the Supreme Court about the use of Mifepristone which causes the death of unborn babies early in pregnancy very carefully. Currently Virginia women are not required to have a medical exam or any in person contact with medical personnel ...

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Pro-abortion Democrat majority shields Virginia abortionists

The pro-abortion Democrat majority in the Virginia Senate voted today to pass a bill, SB71, the Contraception and Reproductive Care Act (a so-called shield law). The vote was along party line 21 -18. This legislation will make it possible for abortionists and bad actors of all kinds to practice unchecked in the Commonwealth of Virginia, ...

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Here is a great letter to the editor by Dr. Karen Poehailos titled “Why Abortion is not Healthcare”

"A recurring theme in the scenarios outlined is an erroneous application of the laws regarding abortion as they apply to situations regarding life of the mother and miscarriage. I am aware of no state in which physicians are unable to provide care for women whose lives are threatened by a pregnancy complication or who have ...

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Helen M. Donovan

Announcing the 2024 Annual Helen M. Donovan Memorial Award Essay Contest

The Northern Virginia Chapter of the Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL) is sponsoring the Helen M. Donovan* Memorial Award Essay Contest. This contest is open to high school seniors. DEADLINE EXTENDED:  New Deadline is February 21st. ESSAY TITLE: Promoting the Culture of Life 1st Award $1,000.00 2nd Award $500.00 3rd Award $250.00 “All that is necessary for the triumph of ...

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Stop the Abortion-until-Birth Amendment to the Virginia Constitution

Sign the Petition to the General Assemblyto Stop the Abortion-until-BirthAmendment to the Virginia Constitution Whereas, Pro-Abortion Politicians are threatening to amend the Virginia Constitution to eliminate any and all restrictions on abortion up until birth; and Whereas, This amendment would codify Roe v. Wade into the Virginia Constitution; and Whereas, This amendment would strike down existing pro-life laws ...

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