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Euthanasia is the purposeful killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his/her alleged benefit.  Euthanasia has been advocated for certain classes of human beings, including the handicapped young, the mentally impaired, the terminally ill, and the comatose.

The inevitable result of this trend will be to escalate from killing for the alleged benefit of an individual to killing for the convenience of others.

Euthanasia violates the principle that each human being has intrinsic dignity and value, regardless of age, physical or mental condition, or state of dependency. Euthanasia seeks to improve the quality of life, not by mutually ennobling acts of care and assistance, but by exterminating those who fall below some arbitrary standard. Killing is never a proper expression of compassion.

We approve of the accepted medical practice of administering pain-relieving drugs in whatever dosage necessary to alleviate the suffering of the terminally ill, as long as there is no intent to bring about or hasten the patient’s death. We care about human life and about people and families facing difficult medical decisions. We promote positive steps of advocacy to protect all human life, no matter what its situation on the continuum of life.

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