VSHL Statement on Passage of SB 733 which eliminates the Women’s Right to Know Law

VSHL released a statement on the House of Delegates voting on final passage of SB 733 which would eliminate Virginia’s Women’s Right to Know Law.

General Assembly Final Vote on SB 733 Protects Abortionists

Today, the final vote was taken in the General Assembly to protect duplicitous abortionists and abortion industry profiteers at the expense of the safety of Virginia’s women and their unborn children.

The last step in stripping out the rational and much-needed Women’s Right to Know law that protects women seeking an abortion happened this afternoon when the House of Delegates voted to pass SB 733.  The next step is the Governor’s desk for his signature, which he will doubtless give.

Please click on the link below to read the full statement.

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