Triple Match on Giving Tuesday!

Donate for Giving Tuesday & Triple Your Gift to Help Save Babies!

That’s right, every donation to VSHL on Giving Tuesday will be tripled.  Your gift of $25 for VSHL turns into $75 once matched.  Your gift of $100 turns into $300 for VSHL.  This applies to every donation and pledge made today.  

This is a powerful way for you to help save unborn babies.


We are preparing for an aggressive push from the pro-aborts during the upcoming session of the General Assembly.

Your support is vital to help us generate the grassroots pressure to defeat their radical anti-life agenda including the Right-to-Abortion Amendment to the Virginia Constitution.

Unless we fight back they will succeed.  Which is why I hope you will donate today.  Remember every gift for Giving Tuesday is tripled up to $5,000.

We have a detailed, multi-channel marketing effort planned to defeat this radical pro-abortion agenda.  We need the funds to be able to fully launch it so I hope I can count your your support today.


Please be as generous as possible — don’t forget every gift today will be tripled up to $5,000.

Want to make a Tax-Deductible Donation?

If you want you can also give to the VSHL Education Fund that supports our educational efforts including our youth programs.  Donations to the VSHL Education Fund are tax-deductible and will also be Tripled up to $5,000.

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