Pro-Life Virginians Fill the Halls of the General Assembly and March with Governor Youngkin

Today, during the second annual “Defending Life Day” advocacy event at the Virginia General Assembly, more than 500 pro-lifers from across the Commonwealth met with legislators to speak up for the unborn and ask their Delegates and Senators to support the protective bills still working their way through the House of Delegates.

Pro-life bills face a hostile environment in the Virginia Senate. where Sen. Louise Lucas (D-18) has bragged about her plan to reject any pro-life bill that comes to her committee.

After the meetings, several thousand pro-lifers braved the cold, damp weather to gather on the grounds of the Capitol to hear speeches from Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares and pro-life leaders. After the speeches, they set off on a peaceful march around the streets of Capitol Square led by Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Virginia Society for Human Life President Olivia Gans Turner thanked the Governor and members of the General Assembly who have attempted to get rational and protective legislation passed this year. “It is sad that so many in the General Assembly are so coldhearted that they wouldn’t even support a reasonable bill from the Governor that could have protected pre-born babies who can feel pain in the womb. Recent polls suggest that they are out of step with most Virginians (60%) who support the law that the Senate killed last week.”

Attorney General Miyares addressed the crowd and reiterated his commitment to protect Virginia Crisis Pregnancy Resource Centers. The AG also may it clear that it would not pursue any criminal penalties of any kind to any women involved in an abortion, because they are the second victim in every abortion after an unborn child.

Virginia Society for Human Life is the oldest state-wide pro-life organization in the nation with chapters throughout the Commonwealth supporting life issues and the Virginia affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.

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