Supreme Court case regarding the Mifepristone abortion drug will affect Virginia in powerful ways.

Virginia Society for Human Life is going to be watching the outcome of the oral arguments at the Supreme Court about the use of Mifepristone which causes the death of unborn babies early in pregnancy very carefully.
Currently Virginia women are not required to have a medical exam or any in person contact with medical personnel before being sent the abortion drugs in the mail.
“Women and babies are in harm’s way when Mifepristone is treated as casually as taking an aspirin.”, said Olivia Gans Turner, President of VSHL.
VSHL echoes the concerns expressed by National Right to Life president Carol Tobias in the statement below.
“We hope that the justices will reconsider the approval of this dangerous drug or at least reinstate the long-standing safety protocols,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to
Life. “Tragically, every mifepristone abortion takes the life of an unborn baby and places her mother in harm’s way.”
“Bowing to pressure from the abortion industry, the FDA loosened the safety requirements of mifepristone which still has a black box warning,” said Tobias. “Drugs that come with black box warnings have the most dangerous side effects and safety concerns, yet the FDA is okay with mifepristone being prescribed and even mailed to women without an in-person exam.”

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