Female nurse with a mask putting on gloves

Coronavirus Action: Abortion Facilities are not Essential Health Care

While we all attempt to adapt to new rules to keep our loved ones safe from Coronavirus, COVID-19, Virginia’s Governor still thinks it makes sense to allow abortion facilities in the Commonwealth to continue to kill babies!

On Wednesday, March 25th, the Governor issued another Public Health Emergency Order which directs “all hospitals to stop performing elective surgeries or procedures,” but the press release clarifies that the Order does not apply to “the full suite of family planning services and procedures”.  That means abortions are explicitly not included in the stop order.

Abortion facilities are using up valuable PPE (personal protective equipment) every time an abortion is performed! Virginia’s doctors and nurses and other hospital staff need every one of these things if we are going to be prepared for possible outbreaks of more cases of Covid-19. Gov. Northam needs to be called to task for allowing abortion facilities to remain in operation at this time. Elective abortions are not essential health care at any time, certainly not now!

Planned Parenthood donated $3,000,000 dollars to his election campaign in 2017. Now is not the time to pay that debt back!

Tell Governor Northam you are shocked that he would allow valuable resources for the safety of every Virginian to continue to be used by abortion profiteers still doing their deadly business.






Female nurse with a mask putting on gloves
Female nurse with a mask putting on gloves

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