Virginia State Capitol

Stop the Pro-Abortion Rules Change

Stop the underhanded, last-minute attempt to pass the
“Right-to-Abortion” Amendment in The House of Delegates!

Pro-abortion members of the House of Delegates are attempting this week to force a rules change in order to demand that the Full House of delegates vote on the Right to Abortion Amendment, SJ 255, which was defeated in the House of Delegates Courts of Justice last week.

Every day since last Thursday the pro-abortion Democrats have made speeches on the floor of the House of Delegates filled with fear tactics, hysteria and manipulative emotional pleas designed to make their case that Virginia needs to enshrine Roe in our own Constitution. Pro-life Republicans have responded pointing out the radical position of the other side which voted against every rational bill put forward this session.

This is a thinly veiled attempt on the part of pro-abortion Democrats to use the floor debate to craft more false information about the radical goals of those who have introduced the amendment. Multiple hearings and testimony from legal scholars during this session have clarified that this “Right to Abortion” Amendment would not only enshrine Roe v. Wade in Virginia’s constitution, it would also prevent any new protective laws from being successfully passed in the future.

There will be a vote on Thursday during the full session of the House of Delegates. It is a procedural vote and we need to let our Delegates know that we oppose this dangerous attempt to change the rules at this time. Virginians are not fooled by this deliberate attempt to circumvent the majority so as to force this extreme amendment to the floor.

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