Senator Tim Kaine’s Smoke and Mirrors Trick About Abortion!

Virginia’s junior Senator Tim Kaine is attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the US Senate and the American people. The so-called “Reproductive Freedom for All Act” is not a moderate proposal! It doesn’t provide any new protections to unborn children and merely reinforces the status quo of most abortion laws across the country, allowing abortion long after unborn babies can feel pain or have beating hearts. It restricts the states’ right to pass protective pro-life legislation despite the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe. In fact, it would make it almost impossible for states to pass rational pro-life laws.

Sen. Kaine has a history of opposing pro-life laws and supporting radical bills that only protect the abortion industry.  In February he voted in favor of the so called “Women’s Health Protection Act” (Abortion Without Limits) which would remove every common-sense pro-life law in the states, require tax funding of abortions, and allow abortion up to birth. His claim that he is personally opposed to abortion doesn’t match his record at all. This new bill is simply a way to cater to pro-abortion groups who have spent millions funding his campaigns.

No one should be fooled by this latest attempt to ride roughshod over the right of the American people to pass appropriate lifesaving legislation and restrict the abortion industry.  Americans support laws that protect preborn babies who can feel pain in the womb or have a beating heart. They think that “Women’s Right to Know” laws and laws that prevent taxpayer funding of abortions are important. Sen. Kaine and his colleagues in the Senate are not engaged in doing the will of the people. Instead, they are joined with the abortion industry in securing abortion on demand that goes beyond the scope of Roe v. Wade. Virginians need to see through the Senator’s smoke and mirrors trick.

Virginia Society for Human Life is the oldest state-wide pro-life organization in the nation with chapters throughout the Commonwealth supporting life issues and the Virginia affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.

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