Women’s health is so much more than abortion

The Biden White House issued a proclamation that declared National Women’s Health Week the week of May 12-18. Curiously, the statement called for unlimited abortion access as part of women’s health care.

Celebrating motherhood and women’s health in the same week seems logical, but the logic is twisted by the current debate about abortion. The argument that abortion is critical to women’s health is a masterful stroke of manipulation — manipulation of truth and the facts of life. Specifically, the fact that every abortion requires the death of a woman’s child, who may also be female.

Women’s health is a critical matter that is not advanced by exposing women to the risks of surgical or chemical abortion. Instead, it is a recipe for danger. Risks include damage to the cervix, hemorrhaging, uterine perforation, heart attack and breast cancer. These are only a few of the complications women have incurred over the last 50 years…

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