The Truth about Abortion In Virginia

Women in Virginia are asking questions about abortion and healthcare. Their families are concerned about the answers too.  Look at the pro-choice and pro-life agendas before you vote this November.


  • Reasonable people agree that allowing unrestricted abortion for all nine months of pregnancy is too far. Yet the Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly are determined to see that Virginia law allows just that. They aren’t concerned that most Virginians disagree with them on this important matter.  Link
  • Support Right-to-Abortion Amendment which would:
      1. Would allow abortion until the moment of birth. Link
      2. Would legalize Partial-Birth Abortion. Link
      3. Eiminate Parental Involvement Laws. Link
      4. Would require taxpayer funding of abortion. Link
      5. Prevent any other laws that provide legal protection for unborn children. Link
  • Want to make Virginia an Abortion Destination State.  Link
  • Oppose legislation that protects babies who survive an abortion. Link
  • Describe the bill that would prevent abortions after babies can fill pain at 15 weeks as a “Total Abortion Ban”. Link
  • Oppose providing women with more information about help that is available and the risks from abortion. Link



  • Women deserve to know that abortion is not the only way to deal with an unexpected or complicated pregnancy. They need to know that there is help available that respects them and their children, help that is offered free of charge at more than 40 pregnancy resource centers across Virginia. These free and confidential services include:
      1. Diapers, Formula, baby food, car seats, strollers, etc.
      2. Maternity Clothes
      3. Free Pregnancy Tests and ultrasounds
      4. Information on prenatal care, financial assistance, housing
      5. Parenting Classes
      6. Information about Abortion
      7. Here are links that shows some of the Pregnancy Resource Centers in Virginia:  Link1 and Link2
  • Pro-life people want women to be protected from the misinformation and lies that abortion groups are telling. Instead, radical organizations that make money from abortion and manipulate the facts about abortion are deliberately creating anxiety and hiding the truth. No wonder Virginians are confused.  Link
  • For instance, did you know that not one bill introduced last year would criminalize abortion or punish women. In fact, 75 Pro-life groups signed a letter opposing any effort to punish women who get abortions. Link
  • Want to pass legislation like the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Link
  • Reinstate legislation to provide women with information and time to make an informed decsion before they have an abortion.  Link



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