What We are Facing if Pro-Abortion Democrats Win in this Election Cycle

If you need a refresher about exactly what the pro-abortion members of the Virginia General Assembly intend for the Commonwealth of Virginia in the 2020 General Assembly session, please watch this short video:

On January 17, 2019,  only hours after four deadly pro-abortion bills were stuck down by the Senate Education and Health Committee, the pro-abortion group NARAL hosted a press conference with pro-abortion allies from the General Assembly. In addition, Virginia’s pro-abortion Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General declared their intention to flip the control of the General Assembly and the plan to re-introduce every one of the pro-abortion bills that were defeated in 2019.  They aren’t hiding anything!

Make no mistake, they know why this election matters. Please share this with your friends who don’t believe these elections are all about preventing the pro-abortion agenda from controlling Virginia!

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