VSHL Tidewater chapter welcomes Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares

On October 2nd, at the home of Rear Admiral Thomas Steffens and Mrs. Ellie Steffens, Attorney General Miyares keynoted an event for VSHL to help raise funds to defend Virginia against efforts to a pass a “Right to Abortion” amendment to the State Constitution.


Attorney General Miyares’s comments honored the legacy of VSHL at the General Assembly and the success of the many pro-life bills VSHL guided through to passage.


He focused on recent attacks on those laws from pro-abortion General Assembly members and their determination to make abortion without restrictions the permanent law in Virginia. He highlighted how important these elections are to stopping their plans.


VSHL President Olivia Turner and Admr. Steffens echoed support for the Attorney General’s steadfast efforts to protect Virginia’s pro-life pregnancy centers from pro-abortion attacks since the Dobbs ruling last year.Virginia is fortunate to have a pro-life advocate in the important office of Attorney General.

VSHL is also grateful that VA Senator Bill DeSteph was able to drop by during this busy election season. Pro-life candidate for the House of Delegates Andy Pittman also attended.

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