The Federalist: Democrats Seek to Fulfill Promise of Until-Birth Abortion in Virginia

From The Federalist:

As the next General Assembly is set to open January 8, pro-abortion leaders in the Senate and House are making good on their promise to push a radical pro-abortion agenda in the legislature. Bills already introduced for a vote in the upcoming session include multiple versions of the Equal Rights Amendment (which legally mandates abortion access), removing parental consent for minors’ abortions from law, two bills eliminating the requirement that a mother have an ultrasound before making an abortion decision, and a bill that would amend the Virginia Constitution to make abortion access a permanent legal right.

VSHL President Olivia Gans Turner said, “There’s no reason to remove basic safety regulations and informed consent laws…before making a permanent and irreversible decision. The immediate effect is to put women in harm’s way. Laws like the ultrasound law in Virginia or the 24-hour waiting period do not …simply respect women’s intelligence, they respect that a woman may be under coercion or confusion about what [her] legal rights may be and the facts of the unborn child’s development.”

To see the complete story and more of what Olivia had to say, visit The Federalist here.

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