Special election for two seats in the Virginia House of Delegates Tuesday January 5, 2020! Vote Pro-life!

Virginia Society for Human Life reminding you to vote in tomorrow’s special election for Two seats in the House of Delegates. We have a chance to start taking back the General Assembly from pro-abortion control with Tuesday’s special elections.  Pro-lifers need to gain 4 seats to have the Majority in the House of Delegates. Pro-lifers in the 2nd and 90th Districts can help get us closer to that goal at the polls tomorrow, January 5th.   These will be low turnout elections so if pro-lifers get out and vote it will make a difference! Every vote will count!

Virginia’s 2nd House of Delegates District.

Heather Mitchell is pro-life and will protect pro-life laws.

Candi King supports abortion, even late in pregnancy. She is supported by the abortion industry.

Virginia’s 90th House of Delegates District

Sylvia Bryant is pro-life and will protect pro-life laws.

Angela Graves is supported by the abortion industry.

Please cast an informed vote this Tuesday.  You can vote at the same in-person polling places you used in November.

Not sure what district you live in  or where you should vote if you live in the 2nd or 90th districts?  Go to the Virginia Board of Elections website herehttps://www.elections.virginia.gov/

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