Pro-abortion Governor Ralph Northam is at it again!

Another pro-abortion bill is made law in Virginia.

Yesterday the office of the Governor announced that he had signed 80 bills into law.  Among them were HB1896 (sponsor: Hudson-D) and SB 1276 (sponsor: McClellan-D) which together removed the state prohibition against funding abortions under health care exchanges offered by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  With the growing attacks on the Hyde Amendment in Washington DC, it is only a matter of time before these plans will be paying for all abortions with our taxes!

This bill was clearly a first step to expanding abortion coverage and will ultimately make it much harder for Virginians who want to find affordable health care that doesn’t violate their ethical objections to abortion.  Once again, the only people who will benefit from this move are those in the abortion business.

If you need more proof that elections have consequences, look no more. The pro-abortion majority at the General Assembly is working in lockstep with the pro-abortion majority in Congress to advance the radical abortion agenda of NARAL and Planned Parenthood.  The chance to slow this tide here is coming this November in Virginia’s off-year elections.  Now is our time to organize and educate our families, friends, and neighbors.

Click on the images below to see news coverage of this legislation:

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