Executive Director Job Description and Application Instructions

Download PDF Format:  VSHL Executive Director Job Description Final


Position Overview: The Executive Director is responsible for developing, leading, and growing successful pro-life initiatives as well as enhancing the fundraising goals of the Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL), Virginia Society for Human Life Educational Fund, and specific projects of VSHL PAC.

The Executive Director is accountable for the successful day-to-day operations of managing employees, schedules, volunteers, committees, and coordinating with related groups and individuals. The Executive Director will work under the direct supervision of the President as well as partner with the board of directors to greatly enhance the resources, influence, and success of VSHL.

Position Summary: The Executive Director will be expected to fully support the stated mission of VSHL, achieve established goals, implement strategic planning, and work closely with the President and the Board of Directors in planning, developing, and ensuring the continued success of VSHL. Required skills include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Passion for human life as it applies to the goals of the VSHL.
  • Strong team builder, persuasive influencer, and motivational leader.
  • Effective with budget management, growing fundraising, and enhancing essential resources.
  • Successful communicator with a passion for education and community engagement.
  • Sincere willingness to grow professionally in understanding current pro-life issues, the structure and procedures of local, state and federal government, team leadership, public communication, and enhancing fundraisingVSHL Executive Director Job Description FinalVSHL Executive Director Job Description Final and other resources.

Key Goals: Executive Director will achieve the three key goals of increasing resources, enhancing influence, and ensuring the success of VSHL.

Key Goal #1: Resources: The Executive Director will grow the resources necessary (funds, personnel, relationships, potential supporters, and other identified resources) that will ensure VSHL has the ability to accomplish established goals.

Key Goal #2: Influence: The Executive Director will enhance VSHL’s procedures, abilities, and materials to successfully influence public opinion, supporters, community members, government leaders, and others to support VSHL and help protect human life.

Key Goal #3: Success: The Executive Director will ensure the immediate and long-term success of VSHL by developing, implementing, and accomplishing established goals that will enable VSHL to continue as well as substantial increase the protection of human life.

General Operations:

  • Oversees all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the organization.
  • Manages all employees and contractors including hiring.
  • Responsible for developing, managing, and implementing established programs and procedures that ensure, enhance, and encourage successful operations.
  • Reports regularly or as requested to the board of directors on issues such as, but not limited to, fundraising and budgeting, day-to-day operations, major projects, youth programs, public education campaigns, and other related matters.
  • Works with treasurer, office manager and accountant to oversee the financial details of the organization.
  • Recruits and manages volunteers.


  • Works with the board of directors to significantly grow high-dollar fundraising program.
  • Regular communication via phone calls, video chat and in-person with donors with the focus on building personal relationships with the donors.
  • Initiates and maintains close and personal contact to include in-person visits with organization’s top donors.
  • Organize 2-3 fundraising events around the Commonwealth each year.
  • Expand fundraising by adding new opportunities and avenues to raise funds for VSHL such as a Walk for Life, car donations, etc.
  • Oversees Thank You program and Virginia Lifesavers, VSHL’s monthly giving program.
  • Oversee management of donor and supporter database(s) to ensure they are updated regularly.
  • When budget allows, hire Development Director to help with high dollar fundraising.


  • Responsible for enhancing VSHL’s ability to effectively communicate via the internet, social media, email, personal contact, public speaking, and other ways to influence support for VSHL and human life.
  • Develops and implements communication plans for VSHL including email, social media, website, and direct mail newsletter. This plan will evolve as more financial and manpower resources are available.
  • Oversees maintenance of press contact list including TV, Radio, Newspapers, blogs, etc.
  • Write and distribute press releases.
  • Arrange interviews with the media for VSHL President or other recognized VSHL speakers.
  • Prepares and delivers speeches at schools, churches, and other educational and pro-life events.
  • When budget allows, hire Director of Communications to expand communications programs.

Chapter Development/Grassroots Activities:

  • Develop plan to start and support new chapters around the Commonwealth including goals and timetables.
  • Oversee the organization of three regional educational events used to recruit new volunteers and to support chapter development.
  • Contact chapter leaders regularly to encourage, advise, and support them to increase their activity with online meetings, phone calls, and in-person.
  • Organize online meetings with all chapter leaders to help them network and share ideas.
  • Help chapters with their online and social media presence.
  • Recruit new volunteers to start chapters.
  • Provide materials to new and existing chapters such as signs, bumper stickers, literature, etc.
  • Help arrange speakers for chapters for their events.
  • Encourage chapter involvement in VSHL programs such as our youth programs, the Virginia March for Life, grassroots lobbying activities, pro-life voter mobilization and petition collection campaigns.
  • Organizes VSHL presence at events such as the Virginia State Fair, political conventions, and other appropriate events for VSHL to have a booth or other presence to spread the pro-life message and recruit new donors, supporters, and activists.
  • Participates in and represents VSHL in the Virginia March for Life coalition planning meetings.
  • Organizes VSHL activities for the National March for Life, Virginia March for Life, Life Chain and other similar pro-life events.
  • Oversees Youth Programs (Oratory and Essay Contests, Camp Joshua Teen Camp).


  • Attend and present reports at all VSHL Board Meetings.
  • Ensures VSHL is staying current with new technology for communications and activities.
  • Work with President and Board of Directors on developing long-term planning document and periodically updating it.
  • Other projects as assigned by the President or Board of Directors.
  • Assists VSHL Political Action Committee Director with research and tracking candidate data during election cycles.


  • A Bachelor’s degree is highly preferred or some other experience that clearly demonstrates equivalent or greater personal achievement.
  • Prior volunteer or work experience in the pro-life movement is highly desirable.
  • Demonstrated interest in the pro-life / pro-family movement.
  • Previous experience in managing employees is desirable.
  • Capable of juggling multiple projects at one time and maintaining focus and positive attitude.
  • Excellent writing skills and communication skills.
  • Previous experience with conducting media interviews and writing messaging on complex legal and medical issues is desirable.
  • Demonstrated development and fundraising experience especially one-on-one, events, and foundations.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Candidate must be a self-starter and have a high-energy personality.
  • Ability to work cohesively as part of a team in a small office setting.
  • Technical savvy to be able to update website, Legislative Action Center, and create emails.
  • An innovative and creative mind that enjoys bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to programs and events.
  • Good public speaking skills for small and large groups.

The executive director will operate out of our Richmond, Virginia office.

To apply:

To apply, please submit:

        1. A cover letter
        2. Resume
        3. Writing sample of any topic (minimum 2 pages)
        4. A brief video of introduction and what you feel are your most valuable skills

In your cover letter, please include a personal statement of support for the pro-life movement and why you believe Virginia Society for Human Life’s mission is important to Virginia.

Applicants who do not include all four of these details will not be considered.

Including links to media interviews or public articles or op-eds is encouraged.

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Start Date: As soon as practical

Application: Applications are accepted until a candidate has been chosen

Please send submissions to: Kevin@vshl.org

Download PDF Format:  VSHL Executive Director Job Description Final

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