Helen M. Donovan

First Place: 2024 Annual Helen M. Donovan Memorial Award Essay Contest

The results of the 2024 Helen Donovan Memorial Essay Contest are complete. Once again the young pro-life voices in the state are showing how thoughtful they are on pro-life issues. We are grateful for the participation of all those who submitted an essay this year.

This essay by Annalise Dean won first place and is titled Promoting the Culture of Life.

There are 7.91 billion people on this Earth. Of this population, 58.4% is on social media. Now that statistic might not surprise you, but did you know that every year there are 73 million abortions worldwide? In the United States alone, over 63 million abortions have been performed since Roe v Wade in 1973. However, why is it that social media users are almost silent when it comes to the tragedy of abortion?
In 2020 I was recruited to be a member of Tiktok’s biggest pro-life account-TheProlifeHive. While I only made six or seven videos in comparison to the 4+ the other members posted daily, I worked behind the scenes replying to comments and messages. Our videos were informative and passionate, and reached a large audience- especially people who were pro-abortion.
Reality is that debating a dozen people weekly on the topic of abortion is draining. The good news is that you don’t have to be a dedicated Tiktoker to promote the dignity of life! On your own social media account, you can defend the rights of the unborn by reposting pro-life posts, including sharing stories about the beauty of motherhood and the miracles of modern-day medicine. One of the best things you can do is circulate where to find support for women in difficult pregnancies. These include local pregnancy care centers, The Gabriel Project, Project Rachel, mom’s groups and more. Bonus points if you link these resources in your bio- you have no idea the impact it may have on somebody who views your account.
Another way to spread the pro-life cause in your day-to-day life is with signs! These can be small, but noticeable- like pro-life stickers on your water bottle, laptop, and car, or pro-life keychains and pins on your backpack or bag. It’s a passive way to make a statement that youbelieve in defending the voiceless, and these signs show that you’re open to having a discussion about it. In many cases, it can provoke a meaningful encounter with another person.
If you want to be active in more than just your personal life, scout out a pro-life organization near you! This could be the pro-life club at your school or parish (if one doesn’t exist, there’s absolutely no harm in starting one). Either way, get a group together and pray at an abortion mill, write letters to pharmacies asking them not to administer the abortion pill, petition to local governors and senators in favor of laws or bills that defend life, plan diaper drives, volunteer at pregnancy care clinics, create meal-drives for new moms, fundraise for women experiencing medical emergencies with her pregnancy. An army is more powerful than just one soldier. Try it- you’d be shocked how much of a change people can make when they come together.

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