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Save Lives, Save Hyde

STOP Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
STOP A Dramatic Increase in Abortions

Petition to: Virginia’s U.S. Senators and all 11 Representatives

The popular and decades-long Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer funding of elective abortion in federal programs, is at risk.

The Hyde Amendment has been estimated to have saved over 2.4 million lives over the last 40 years and must be included in ALL spending bills.

President Biden supports using tax dollars to pay for abortion and now says that he supports elimination of the Hyde Amendment. Also, Speaker Pelosi has publicly endorsed the push to do away with the Hyde Amendment this year.

The Hyde Amendment is widely recognized as having a significant impact on the number of abortions in the United States, saving over two million American lives!

We believe that the Hyde Amendment has proven itself to be the greatest domestic abortion-reduction measure ever enacted by Congress. The Hyde Amendment and other critical spending amendments that prevent federal funding of abortion are at risk of being dropped or eliminated if Congress does not renew them.

We believe that taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize abortion, which many find to be ethically objectionable.

We urge you to keep these life-saving provisions in the law and say NO to taxpayer funding of abortion!

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