District Captain

Defending Life Day:  Captain’s responsibilities

Captains will be assigned by the organizing committee and are a critical component to making the day successful. The responsibilities are listed below.

  • Make appointments for the group that will be meeting with the Senator and Delegate.
  • Keep track of local constituents who sign up online for their district. The contact information for the constituents will be given to the captain as it’s collected.
  • If applicable, help to organize methods of travel, Mini-van, bus, etc?
  • Encourage everyone who is coming to wear something red.
  • Make sure everyone has received talking points, maps of Richmond, General Assembly information, or any other documents the organizers send out.
  • Check that everyone who has signed up for their district has watched the “how to” lobby video.
  • Keeps track of their delegation groups at the Pocahontas building and after lobbying time is done.
  • Helps ensure that those in their group get home.

To become a District Captain, select “Yes” under District Captain on the Sign Up page.