Sign the Petition to Attorney General Herring

Petition to Attorney General Herring to
Stop the Stealth Right-to-Abortion Equal Rights Amendment

Mr. Attorney General, I am opposed to your efforts to sneak the ERA into the United States Constitution through a lawsuit because:

  • The deadline for ratification by 1979 was passed before the required states had approved it; and
  • Five states withdrew their support of ratification before the 1979 deadline; and
  • Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recognized that the ERA, which she strongly supported, had missed the deadline for approval
  • During the ratification process pro-abortion activists denied the ERA had anything to do with abortion but are now wanting to use the ERA to strike down all pro-life laws
  • Judges will use the ERA as an excuse to strike pro-life laws like the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban and to mandate taxpayer funding of abortion up until birth and beyond

I urge you to drop the lawsuit, especially since you just lost the initial decision, to try to bypass the standard Constitutional means to sneak the Pro-Abortion ERA into the United States Constitution.



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