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Please see the statement below by VSHL on the votes on SB 617 to repeal Virginia's Woman's Right to Know Ultrasound Legislation.  To keep up with breaking news, please follow VSHL on Facebook.


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Tuesday, February 11, 2014                                                                  Olivia Gans Turner
                                                                                                          Margaret H. Disney

Virginia Senate Majority Rejects Repeal of Protective Ultrasound Law

Due to a random procedural mistake in the voting process, the Senate of Virginia today repealed the state’s ultrasound law by default. However, one pro-life Senator, Chuck Colgan, D-29, accidently voted incorrectly during a second round of voting on the bill, SB 617. That caused a tie vote which was broken by pro-abortion Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam who cast his vote to repeal the protective law.  An attempt to correct that mistake was rejected by a procedural vote.  Thus a majority of the Senate rejects the repeal of the law.

“Pro-abortion forces in Virginia cannot rightfully claim victory on this matter since it has been made clear that if allowed to, the majority of Senators would have voted against this bill to repeal the ultrasound law,”  said Olivia Gans Turner, VSHL President.

This bill, SB 617 will now be sent to the House of Delegates after Crossover on February 11th.  Virginia Society for Human Life is hopeful that the House of Delegates will act to protect this reasonable pro-life law. 

“Today’s attempt to repeal this important law is not in the best interest and well-being and rights of women,” said Gans Turner, VSHL President “Requiring that all abortionists perform an ultrasound allows women the best chance possible of getting all the facts they need about their unborn child before making the life and death decision of abortion.”

VSHL is very pleased that on another issue, in a vote that was a truer reflection of the pro-life majority in the Senate, SB 618 did not pass.  That bill that would have reversed the law that prevents Virginia tax funds from paying for abortions under new health care exchanges.  Two pro-life Democrats voted with the Republicans on that issue.   “Virginia taxpayers have long opposed efforts to force them to pay for abortions. The current law respects that position.” Turner said.

Virginia Society for Human Life is the first statewide pro-life organization in the Country and the Virginia affiliate of National Right to Life Committee.