VSHL Comments, Press Release on PCUPA Senate Committee Vote

Update on Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

The Virginia State Senate Health & Education Committee dead-locked 7-7 with one abstention on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  This prevents the bill from coming to the Senate for a full vote.

However we still are very hopeful we can pass the legislation this year.  The House version of the bill, HB 1285 is still in Committee and we believe, with enough grass-roots activity, will pass the House.  Once HB 1285 passes the House of Delegates it will be sent over to the Senate for consideration.  Once there it will go back to the Senate Health & Education Committee.  If Sen. Harry Blevins (R-14) changes from abstaining to voting in favor of the bill it will then proceed to the Senate for a full vote.

VSHL has always known that passing this vital legislation would be very difficult.  We are going to keep fighting for this legislation that will prevent the abortions of children capable of feeling.pain until it is enacted into law in Virginia.  Expect to hear more from VSHL in the coming days and weeks on how you can help.

Below is a press release sent by VSHL after today's vote in the Senate Subcommittee.

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Pro-Life Bill, Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, Failed by One Vote

in Senate Education and Health Committee

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act was voted down today in the Senate Education and Health Committee of the Virginia General Assembly.

The vote was 7 in favor and 7 against, with one abstention. Senators Stephen Martin, R-11, Stephen Newman, R-23, Ralph Smith, R-19, Jeffrey McWaters, R-8, Richard Black, R-13, Charles Carrico, R-40, and Thomas Garrett, R- 22, voted in support of it. Senator Mark Obenshain, R-26, was the chief patron. Senators Black, Garrett, Smith, Stanley, as well as Frank Ruff, R-15 were co-patrons.

Senators Richard Saslaw, D-35, Louise Lucas, D-18, Janet Howell, D-32, Mamie Locke, D-32, George Barker, D-39, Ralph Northam, D-6, John Miller, D-1, voted against this important pro-life bill Senator Harry Blevins, R-14, was the one abstention on the vote, which effectively killed the bill in committee.

This protective bill, which highlights the capacity of unborn children to feel pain in the womb, would have prevented all abortions in the Commonwealth after the point at which during pregnancy there is substantial scientific evidence that pain is possible for these babies.

“It is unfortunate that by one vote, pain capable unborn children will continue to suffer the horrific death caused them by abortion,” said Olivia Gans, President of the Virginia Society for Human Life.

There is a House version of the bill as well, patroned by Del. Rich Anderson, R-51. It is the hope of Virginia Society for Human Life that the house bill will get a vote of support from both houses of the Virginia General Assembly.

Virginia Society for Human Life is the oldest pro-life organization in the nation with chapters throughout the Commonwealth.