News Letters

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, staff and volunteers at VSHL, I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded by loved ones and enjoy the festivities of the day.
There is so much to be thankful this year. Pro-lifers continue to advance the cause of life on many fronts, here in our state and nationally.  Lives are being saved and protected from abortion, and from threats of assisted suicide and removal of life-sustaining treatment right here in the Commonwealth.  Efforts to advance the pro-abortion agenda were successfully stopped in the General Assembly last winter.  Abortions continue to drop in Virginia thanks to protective pro-life laws. The proposition to introduce assisted suicide was rejected by members of the JCHC earlier this month.  And just this week the proposal to endorse the pro-abortion ERA in Prince William County failed due to public outcry. Pro-life values are on a roll!

Personally, I want to tell you how thankful I am for the support you give VSHL.  When VSHL asks you to step up and show our strength either with elected officials or on public occasions you are there.  I cannot stress how important that is. We, you and I, are the voices of the unborn and other vulnerable lives. They depend on our active involvement. The vote in PWC proves that very clearly. It was the power of the people in action!

So, as the pies come out of the oven and the football games go on, please remember the lives that depend on us everyday to stand up and fight for life. We are thankful for the gift of every human life. VSHL will continue to be the force for good at the General Assembly and everywhere that life is threatened.
Thank you, dear friends, today and always.
Olivia Gans Turner
Update on the ERA motion in Prince William County

The motion, introduce by Supervisor Principi, failed for lack of a second. The majority of the Board of Supervisors agreed that this was not an appropriate matter to be handled by the county. It is a matter for the General Assembly.

VSHL's position is, that unless abortion-neutralizing language is put on the ERA, it is not safe and will threaten pro-life laws and force the use of Virginia tax dollars to pay for abortion, as has happened in other states.

During two hours of testimony, 35 people spoke in opposition to the ERA, and 24 in support. The voice of the community made a deep impact on the Board members.  Several of them spoke to the effect that calls and emails, along with the thoughtful testimonies pointing out the dangers in the current ERA, had on their decision not to support the ERA at this time.

Be aware that this ERA train is making its way around Virginia. Hopefully, it will receive a similar response whereever it goes next. Be alert in your own community. Contact VSHL if you hear that plans are being made to attempt this where you live.
Giving Tuesday notice!

VSHL will be participating in the Facebook Giving Tuesday project on Nov. 27. We invite all of you who are on Facebook to participate. To help VSHL please go to the Virginia Society for Human Life Facebook page on that day and make any donation you’d like to raise funds for VSHL’s educational efforts in the months ahead. Please share the link with your pro-life friends. Even a small donation helps! Thank you.