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Thursday, August 23, 2012                                            Olivia L. Gans Turner                                                                                                                                                                                     Margaret H. Disney   



Pro-life Plank Will Save Lives


Virginia Society for Human Life is very encouraged by the new Republican Party Platform’s pro-life plank.  The plank reflects the pro-life position held by the majority of American and many Virginians.  It also reflects the views held by the 2012 Republican Presidential ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  


VSHL is grateful to Governor Bob McDonnell, Chairman of the Platform Committee, for his excellent leadership on this issue.  He has been a steadfast defender of innocent human life here in Virginia and now at the national level as well.


The platform reads, "Faithful to the 'self-evident' truths enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed." With this stand the Republican Party has once again taken the bold step of being the defender of life from the beginning and thereby becoming the party of life. 


Recent attempts in Congress to pass a “prevention of sex selection abortion” bill and the DC Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act are indicative of the kind of reasonable and protective laws that will be pursued by the next Congress and Administration. It is therefore imperative that Americans elect a pro-life majority to the Senate and House, and the White House. Virginia is critical to that effort!


As in previous elections, VSHL understands that the pro-life position taken by the Republican Party Platform Committee will be seen as a positive by many voters.  Consistently, over the last twenty years, pro-life candidates who support right to life of unborn children do gain votes at the polls.  There is a measurable margin of victory for pro-life candidates from voters that vote specifically on this issue.


“VSHL is thrilled that Virginia’s Gov. McDonnell played such an important role in protecting the lives of the youngest and most vulnerable Americans with this powerful plank.  We look forward to Victory this fall for pro-life candidates across Virginia and the rest of America.” said Olivia Gans Turner, President of VSHL.


Virginia Society for Human Life is the oldest pro-life state-wide organization in the nation with chapters throughout the Commonwealth, celebrating 45 years of supporting life issues.

VSHL hosts first-ever teen pro-life camp, Camp Joshua Virginia, August 3-5 in Staunton Virginia! 


Camp Joshua is starting tomorrow!!!  Registrations for camp are basically complete. 

A Tremendous THANK YOU for all the folks who registered and all our campers!  Let's all wish them the best as they have one of the best experiences of their summer!!!

If you need to make an inquiry about the camp or wish to donate, please call (703) 994-8720.


Camp Joshua is a weekend camp designed to inspire and equip high school students to be pro-life leaders now and in the future. It covers all the basics of the pro-life issues in hands-on workshops and activities.  Want more info? Contact Megan McCrum at .

From the Arlington Catholic Herald:

Camp to create leaders for life Teens prepare to make a splash at a pro-life camp in Texas. Camp Joshua, a similar camp held Aug. 3-5 in Staunton, will include workshops and recreational activities, including swimming, campfires and a scavenger hunt.

A new pro-life camp for teens will cover abortion, stem-cell research and euthanasia.

Campers in Texas --Teens prepare to make a splash at a pro-life camp in Texas. Camp Joshua, a similar camp held Aug. 3-5 in Staunton, will include workshops and recreational activities, including swimming, campfires and a scavenger hunt.

Camp Joshua, held in Staunton Aug. 3-5, is sponsored by the Virginia Society for Human Life and the Life and Leadership Youth Camp Initiative, developed in part through National Right to Life. The camp is based on a model used in a number of states, including Texas, Louisiana and New York.

Olivia Gans Turner, president of the Virginia Society for Human Life and a parishioner of St. Timothy Parish in Chantilly, said the three-day program was developed in part as a response to young people’s growing, enthusiastic commitment to the pro-life movement. She said it’s the first camp of its kind in Virginia.

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 Mrs. Geline B. Williams, VSHL director to the National Right to Life Committee,

and Chairman of the Board for NRLC,

was awarded the  Commonwealth Catholic Charities Community Service Award for the Individual  on May 3, 2012.      We are so proud of Mrs. Williams and all that she does to support and protect innocent human life  throughout the Commonwealth. 

from left to right: Jay Williams of Baltimore; Geline Williams; Alex Williams of Los Angeles; Mrs. Kay Williams; Dr. David Urban, and Mrs. Gina Williams

Geline is truly an  ambassador for LIfe  in all that she does!         I was pleased to attend this event along with other representatives from Virginia Society for Human Life and the National Right to Life Committee and to help honor with Geline Williams for her work as an outstanding and extraordinary volunteer.      * READ MORE HERE * READ MORE HERE*