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VSHL Action Alert: Board of Health Public Hearings Scheduled

Important information from VSHL about public hearings scheduled by the Board of Health.

 Virginia Stands for Life - Prayer Walk and Rally

January 9, 2013



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February 26, 2013

Dear Friends:

As most of you are aware two years ago the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation that requires new regulations on abortion facilities throughout Virginia. Virginia Society for Human Life has been supportive of this effort to curb the actions of unscrupulous abortionists.

The ongoing process to impose these new regulations, which has involved many heated hearings before the Virginia Board of Health, is almost at an end. Just at the end of 2012 pro-life Governor Bob McDonnell signed the final recommendations from the Board of Health.

Currently there are emergency regulations in place. The final step to making the new regulations permanent is a public comment period. During this period the Board of Health is open for comments on the proposed permanent regulations. One portion of the public comment period will be two public forums. One is in Richmond on March 7th and the other is in Alexandria on March 12th.

The Richmond meeting on March 7nd will be held at 1 p.m., on the 2nd floor, 9960 Mayland Drive, Henrico, VA 23233.

The Alexandria meeting on March 12th will be held at the John Marshall Public Library, 6209 Rose Hill Drive, Alexandria, VA 22310, at 1 p.m.

There will be a need to have a positive and peaceful pro-life presence at this hearing. Please consider joining other pro-life people at these public hearings. Hopefully some folks will be able to get into the meetings, although we do not think there will be much room inside. Others will hold vigil outside and show a strong pro-life perspective to the media.

For those who do get inside, please make a short and simple statement that states your support for these reasonable and protective new regulations. That you want to see women’s lives protected from the unregulated and unscrupulous abortion industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Remember to state your name, where you live, and to say thank you!

If you can't join us at any of the public hearings, you may also comment on these reasonable new regulations on the Board of Health on-line Public Comment Forum.  Time is running out to do so. Comments will close March 29, 2013. Please express your support for the common-sense health and safety standards that have been proposed, via the board online forum, http://townhall.virginia.gov/L/comments.cfm?stageid=6315  You can add your comments to the forum by clicking “enter a comment” and then simply state in you own words that you are supportive of these new regulations. You may want to add that while you know that no abortion can ever be truly safe, because a baby always dies during every abortion, you believe strongly that women must be protected from dangerous situations in unregulated abortion facilities in Virginia.

For more information please contact the VSHL office in Richmond.

Thank you for standing for life,


Olivia Gans Turner

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