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VSHL will be very active in opposing the pro-abortion ERA.  To help educate Virginia's about the ERA, its history and what its impact will be if approved we will be posting information on our website from a variety of sources.  Here are a couple of quotes and link to a the full article by former Delegate Bob Marshall explaining the history of the ERA.

Charlotte Lozier Institute|  December 21, 2018.
By Robert Marshall

"Many Americans think of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) as an issue from another era in American history.  And so it is – a 22-word amendment to the Constitution first proposed in 1972, fiercely debated, but failing of ratification by the deadlines Congress established, then extended by majority vote, for it.  But for some advocates, including prominent politicians, the ERA is very much alive and will become a part of our Constitution, they think, if just three more states “agree” to it, instead of the 38 normally required for an amendment to become part of the Constitution.  And one of those advocates is on the verge of taking a powerful post where he might make all the difference."

"Protecting Roe at Any Cost


At the June 2018 shadow hearings, Nadler made clear his concerns have much to do with issues besides equal rights.  He noted that, “We cannot trust the Supreme Court not to go back … what the Supreme Court giveth, the Supreme Court can taketh away … we are worried now that another Supreme Court nominee … might overturn Roe v. Wade …”[1] "

Please click here to read the full article from the Lozier Institute: